Project Restart with screenshots and video tour

In 2008, I started writing a modern clone of the Telegard BBS software. I spent about 3 years coding until life and full-time work dictated my full attention. Several weeks ago I pushed the shelved code to GitHub, with the intention of posting it for reference, so that others might find it useful.   With the thought in the back of mind, I began to wonder if I could get it working after almost 8 years of neglect.  Much had happened in the software world since then.  Java had gone through some tough bouts with the OpenSource community following the Oracle v Google battle.  Apache Hibernate, the JRE I had embedded was retired. JRuby had made significant leaps going from MRI 1.9 to 2.5.  The Sequel ORM had been significantly updated, deprecating features I had relied upon. Other libraries had released new versions.  I took the challenge.

After two days of work, I was able to get the toolchain updated and fixed parts of the code that had stopped working. I wrote several new Rake tasks to help automate some things and make getting the system working easier.  Finally, I wrote a short, 16 step INSTALL document so that others might be able to use the development snapshot. While I prefer mercurial ‘hg’ as my VCS, I decided to push the code to GITHUB for the time being.





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