20180901 – Code cleanups and new features

Work continues on clode cleanup and updates on the OpenTG code. Below is a summary of the recent changes in the codebase that have made a significant impact toward a 1.0 release:

The Input module had used a Java library “JLine-0.9.4”, a quite old and no longer supported jar file. Special thanks to the JRuby team for their help in resolving the issues.  A newer feature in Ruby’s library ‘io/console’ provides features similar to JLine which allows for ‘raw’ console input.  This allowed the code to replace several methods in the Tgio library. Benefits include a memory reduction, removal of an outdated jar file, and usage of a native ruby library.

Timebank feature has been implemented, which allows users to deposit and withdraw time from user sessions,

Database simplification has been made by removing the option for non-embedded databases. All future development will focus on using and optimizing the H2 database.

Other minor cleanups and code enhancements have been made.