20180915 – Introducing OpenTG Theme Editor

OpenTG uses a template engine to render all screen output.  The architectural decision to use templates provides the ability for easy language translations, customizations, and user selectable themes. Editing templates can be a challenge, and does not provide an easy way to get a preview until you run and look at the rendered output from within the software. Additionally, inserting variables and properly setting the tags can also pose a challenge.

Introducing ‘tgthemer’, the OpenTG Theme Editor. While not fully functional, the proof of concept code has been written and is in-progress. Below is a screenshot of the current snapshot. This shows the editor functioning on NetRunner 18, a KDE based Linux desktop.  The program is designed with Lazarus, and compiled in fpc using the Qt5 widget set.

Theme Editor

As 1.0 approaches, this will become an important tool in user-adoption of OpenTG.